From the Indigo Child Series, highly textured mixed media and oil paint on canvas.


Lately I have been very interested in the coming generation of young people in America, and their potential to solve the old ingrained problems in our country, problems that seem so sticky and difficult to the older generations. 


The new generation has lots of wonderful energy, and I created this series of abstracts using the colors assigned to these types of energy: 


Indigo, violet, and turquoise for the highest consciousness; greens and emeralds for heart and earth energies, yellows for the sun and the power of transformation; reds, oranges and pinks for action and purpose.


The rest of the colors represent the multicultural truth of our society, that together we the people are in the process of accomplishing the best ideals of America.


The first series of these paintings came out of me in a rush, and I realized afterwards that the shapes in the work have been influenced by a retro sensibility, the time of my own coming of age. 

"Crystal Mountain 4" 30" x 30" by Mary Bacon

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